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Дистанційний курс eParticipation

The ultimate objective of this site is to provide high-quality training material on eParticipation for all key stakeholders (researchers, representatives, NGOs etc).
The training material is organised in mini-courses, each requiring approximately 45 minutes to be completed. Each mini-course consists of a number of chapters while a brief quiz is available at the end of each chapter. Additional material is also provided at the Appendix.
The eParticipation VTC is currently at a pilot phase. During this phase, a number of mini-courses mainly for researchers are provided free of any charge however all rights remain with the authors. The current mini-courses are based on DEMO-net Reports. The final terms and conditions of using the eParticipation VTC will be announced when the final platform is launched.
For more information about the DEMO-net project please visit the Virtual Resource Center (VRC) located at: www.demo-net.org.



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