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Call for Book Proposals on Communication, Globalization and Cultural Identity


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Communication, Globalization and Cultural Identity

Series Editor: Jan Servaes, City University of Hong Kong


This series will explore and complicate the interlinked notions of “local” and “global,” by integrating global dependency thinking, world-system theory and local, grassroots, interpretative, participatory theory, and research on social change.

In the current world state, globalization and localization are seen as interlinked processes and this marks a radical change in thinking about change and development. It could integrate macro- and micro-theory. It also marks the arising of a new range of problems. One of the central problems is that the link between the global and the local is not always made clear.

The debates in the general field of international and intercultural communication have shifted and broadened. They have shifted in the sense that they are now focusing on issues related to ‘global culture,’ ‘local culture,’ ‘(post)modernity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ instead of their previous concern with ‘modernization,’ ‘synchronization’ and ‘cultural imperialism.’ With these new discussions, the debates have also shifted from an emphasis on homogeneity towards an emphasis on differences. With this shift towards differences and localities there is also an increased interest in the link between the global and the local and in how the global is perceived in the local.

This series invites manuscripts which address the above changes, either from global or local perspectives. Book proposals are refereed. This is a continuation of the former Hampton Book series, which included the following titles:

Contact the series editor, Prof. Jan Servaes, with

expressions of interest, book proposals, and for more information:

Jan Servaes

City University of Hong Kong

Department of Media and Communication

Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre

18 Tat Hong Avenue

Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 3442 8622

Fax: (852) 3442 0228

Email: 9cssc9@gmail.com

from Кафедра http://www.mi.rv.ua/?p=600



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