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CFP- Journal of Social Media Studies (JSMS)

Journal of Social Media Studies (JSMS)

Deadline for receiving papers: November 20, 2013

Associate Editors:
Michelle I. Seelig, University of Miami, USA
Shahira Fahmy, The University of Arizona, USA

ISSN: 2147-3366
Publication Frequency: Semi-annual

Journal of Social Media Studies (JSMS) is jointly edited by the Institute of Language and Communications Studies and the Macro World Publishing. The JSMS is the outstanding international journal that provides examination of social media analyses and the fields of communication sciences.
The journal seeks Manuscripts may be philosophical, theoretical, methodological, critical, applied, pedagogical, or empirical in nature, as well as empirical contributions as papers that address the theoretical and methodological debates within social media. Published articles in JSMS will be subjected to rigorous peer review comprising initial editorial screening and anonymous refereeing by at least two referees of the discipline.

Each submitted manuscript is evaluated on the following basis
• the originality of its contribution to the field of communication sciences
• the soundness of its theory and methodology of the given topic

Academic disciplines are flourishing at faculties and departments dedicated to Media, communication, sociology, psychology, linguistics, cultural studies, film, design, engineering, advertising, public relations and humanities. It aims to create bridges between different research cultures and publishes original articles of high quality on Social Media.

Research areas are relevant to the journal include, but are not limited to:
• Social Communication
• Social Media and Critical Thinking
• Cultural Studies
• Social Media and Human-Computer Interaction
• Social Media Theories
• Audience and Reception Studies
• Future Social Media architecture
• Design and evaluation of innovative social media systems
• Virtual reality
• Information retrieval systems and algorithms on Social Media
• Social Media and Identity,
• Social Media and Art Censorship
• Empirical studies of user behavior
• Privacy and security on social networks,
• Social networks mediated communication
• Social media in educational environment
• New design techniques with Social Media

To submit:
Please follow the instructions and guidance provided in the Author Guidelines here: JSMS Guidelines
Please submit your paper through ILCS Manuscripts, the journal’s online submission and review system:

Submit a Manuscript:http://inlcs.org/ilcs_makale/

Contents, some online material and subscription details are all here :


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