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Social Media For Government


Дистанційний курс eParticipation

The ultimate objective of this site is to provide high-quality training material on eParticipation for all key stakeholders (researchers, representatives, NGOs etc). The training material is organised in mini-courses, each requiring approximately 45 minutes to be completed. Each mini-course consists of a number of chapters while a brief quiz is available at the end of … Читати далі

Online Politics 101 від Hansard Society

“Online Politics 101: The Tools and Tactics of Online Political Advocacy” gathers the e.politics how-to articles into one conveniently packaged (and free) publication. Each chapter contains a link to the live version on epolitics.com with updates and related materials. Updated and with new chapters as of June, 2008.

Презентації SlideShare

Міжнародний інформаційний бізнес + Електронна комерція Twitter for PR (Keynote & Youtube version) Twitter Camp – Web2 Business Model Facebook study on online identity Ogilvy PR 360 DI Twitter Webinar All about Google Last.fm – Lessons from building the World’s largest social music platform Web 2.0 Business Models Business Model Ontology Social Media in Ukraine: … Читати далі

Information Technology and Innovation in Government (Harvard 2007)

Program information Program description Program schedule General overview Country reports USA México Summary Eigth imperatives for leaders in a networked world Eight Imperatives: Overview Imperative 1 Imperative 2 Imperative 3 Imperative 4 Imperative 5 Imperative 6 Imperative 7 Imperative 8 Specific topics Broadband General: Bowling for broadband General: Broadband Internet: The power to reconfigure access … Читати далі

W3C E-Government

Workshops and Conferences organized (jointly) by W3C European Symposium on eGovernment, [report] Gijón, Spain, 1-2 February 2007 Toward More Transparent Government: Workshop on eGovernment and the Web, [report] Washington DC, USA, 18-19 June 2007 Role of Mobile Technologies in Fostering Social Development, [report] São Paulo, Brazil, June 2-3 2008 International context Leadership in Customer Service … Читати далі

Інтернет і політика: підбірка посилань

Цікава підбірка посилань по інтернету у політиці з порталу i-pol. Звичайно серед величезної кількості посилань є неперевірені (можливо непрацюючі або змінені посилання).

Лабораторія громадських медіа #cmlrivne